Who Is FreedomStream?

FreedomStream.TV began in 2015 as Military Online Patriot Services, or MOPS Network, as a way to bring free video on demand to our troops overseas using a Veteran’s based non-profit.

The director of television for Armed Forces Network quickly contacted our vendors telling them not to do business with us, and shut our veteran’s based non-profit down to protect a multi-million dollar government contract later awarded to a large commercial broadcaster.

Today, FreedomStream.TV is a for-profit business, in operation to help fund the launch it’s sister, non-profit organization, SafeVet.org.

AT A MINIMUM – 10% of all proceeds generated thru FreedomStream.TV SHALL be donated directly to the operational startup expenses with SafeVet.org!

Read more about why America needs SafeVet.org by clicking the link below. 

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